New Believer Resources

We are so excited that you have started or renewed your faith in God. Our hope is, that over the weeks, months, and years, your faith will only grow stronger.

If you do not have a home church, we’d love to invite you back to join us for Sunday service at 10:00 a.m., Life Groups at 9:00 a.m., and Wednesday night’s at 6:30p.m.

If you have any questions about the church or the services, please do not hesitate to call the church office at 205-260-7229 or e-mail them at

The material we’ve provided here is meant as a faith starter. The topics we cover are the  core elements to nurturing a life long faith in Jesus. We are only scratching the surface when it comes to knowing, loving, and serving the Lord.

Each of the topics are covered in audio (below) and through

this pdf <<< Click to download

Feel free to follow along with the audio through the written material.


Lesson 1   Your New Identity

Lesson 2. Repentance 

Lesson 3   The Holy Spirit

Lesson 4. Community

Lesson 5  The Bible 

Lesson 6. Prayer 

Some Final Thoughts

When you are done with the six lessons, we’d love to know how its helped you grow in your faith. In addition, we recommend listing to God’s Word, every day, from any of these iPhone Bible Apps (You can click on them to go to iTunes and download them.

YouVersion Bible App Dramatized Audio Bible

Olive Tree Bible Study App

And enjoy the free headphones!


For further learning we recommend Andrew Womack series on the Holy Spirit